TNFro Is…The Eternal Hype Woman

You are about to blow up! We will be watching your glow up on the edge of our seats!

Not perfect, not working on it, but still working it

I am not tall. I am a cranky chubby middle aged chick living my best life and hyping up people, because being kind or saying a kind word is free.

It really is freeing to be kind. People remember it and will prop you up on your way up.

Be kind to your mind, because you will leave in peace when your mind can rest. Makes it easier to function and create when you are free. Also, a well rested mind easier to detect trouble in the Force(Star Wars, yes I’m a nerd) and can react appropriately.

Don’t think kindness equals naïveté. I’m still cranky and Southern….so don’t try it.

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