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COVID Shenanigans…No the Vaccine will not make your testicles swell,  but an STD will…I posted this episode when there was Nicki Minaj someone in her family saying the vaccine gave him testicular edema, and we knew he was lying…I also find dispelling lies about COVID is difficult when the governmental guidance can be a bit confusing. The latest Omicron variant is causing the latest surge, and this guidance seems to be specifically for those that are infected but boosted because maybe the CDC is also fresh outta f—s. For the rest of you sovereign state, mouth-breathing, human rights above sanity mugs, this guidance is not for you. They know you can go hard, but people are still not going to do the right thing. This is not a relaxation, it is an acknowledgement of the futility of trying to make people do the right thing. Because guess, what they shorten the days, and people who have not been vaccinated, won’t wear a mask, fake immunization cards and tests, they still are going to do whatever they want.

Reading the Sunday NYTimes…

Listening to the Podcast Even The Rich…

Watching and Reflecting on the Life of Michael K. Williams…

Black Girl Down…Story of Survival ripped from headlines…RIP Gabby Petito

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