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Still moving content to

I am listening to episodes, and the content was interesting with Audio made better by #audacity. I am glad I worked out the bugs on my PC

He doesn’t consider himself disabled he just has to figure out a different way to get it done ✅ Desmond Blair, Afro-Punk Artist

This Artist is part of a movement, Afro-Punk,

Afro-Punk The Movie

Afro-Punk is a feeling of vibrancy boldness strength. Born without hands, he creates images synonymous with the Movement.

No excuses, if you are not doing what you love while figuring out what is holding you back, start doing it. No more excuses. 

Lean into the spirit of this year of counting your blessings, giving to others, and spreading happiness! I know I will!

It is the beginning of the holiday season to be kind to your mind and others. Give love to receive love.

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