The Melanated Nerd Is…Aggressively Seeking Joy By Reading Garfield Comic Strip and My Horoscope

Seek Joy

By habit every day I get the local paper, Times Free Press, read Garfield and my horoscope. I then scan the headlines. Read non-triggering stories which are very few and far between.

I made the mistake of reading too closely about a group of conservative parents in Hamilton County that wants to have an old fashion book burning. They want us in the weeds to remove books that they contain objectionable material. Or books that are written from the Black perspective about race and police violence. They want to focus more on content when they should be policing their individual children and not making overreaching decisions about the rest of us. They should be more concerned about why Little Johnny can’t read, can’t talk to you, and is turning inward and spiraling.

These scenarios make me want to read the removed books. I created an entire Booklist on Chattabooks dedicated to Banned Books.

Books Removed From Reading List In Hixson

I just want to talk about them in-depth. Adding to the YA booklist because young people need to have this discussion and then follow up conversations about how bad decisions can lead to detention and maybe even death.

This is more of the conservative march to restrict access to a different perspective and maintain some irrelevant status quo. If you want to have collective blinders on that is your issue, but I will continue to seek truth and a different perspective to find my way forward and still hold people accountable for their BS. I just want to be on the side of truth and not the massive coverup. What about you?

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