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The Melanated Nerd, Is Adding More Books To Her Banned Booklist, An Unintended Effect of Right Wing Nonsense. Dear Karens, Have A Seat

I just realized my featured image will tick off any conservative that wants to suppress the BLM message and opinion of anyone of color. Well stop reading here because you are going to hate most of what I have to say then.

The idea of censorship and book banning in 2022 is so repulsive to me. What is playing out in the Times Free Press and on the news reminds me of the book burning scene in Footloose but the reality is more frightening.

Satan is not in these books, he is in your hearts. Go home, sit in judgement of yourselves.

I am not the smartest person or the person that knows everything, even though I pretend to be. I think that’s why I love to read so much. I understand I have gaps in my knowledge, I have to seek the knowledge, work hard to apply it. These days I primarily read those things that I find interesting. I never thought these far-wing hood wearing princesses Karen M-Fers would give me a laundry list of must have books to read.

But over the last couple of days I’ve had to add multiple books and create an entire new list to my online bookstore, CHATTABOOKS.

I am blessed to have my own online bookstore, but like a crackhead who should not be a drug dealer because you’re gonna use up all your product. A lowkey book hoarder like me I may not need to have an online bookstore, but I’m a avid reader my purchases help other small booksellers so it’s a win win.

Collective Sociopathy.

When these far right groups egged on by Tucker Carlson and his hooded hosts over at Fox News, and the punk-butt Republic State politicians that want to defund public schools for even teaching critical race theory because they don’t want their children to be taught to feel bad because of their white color or any other book that sheds a light on racism effect on health disparity, police brutality and generational poverty. That is a white supremacist stance to preserve your supremacy. Sorry, those are the facts.

I was a unmedicated, hyperactive, inattentive first grader who was sent to Mrs. Smith’s special education reading class. I remember many of the students in that class with the exception of Kevin Blanding who played varsity football at Bayside and myself , I don’t think any of those kids made it to the 12th grade maybe they got their GED’s later. I know of several teen pregnancies or had some or had some early struggles. Mrs. Smith taught me her reading skills, after she calmed me down, I was able to utilize those skills from the first grade on and I was reading three and four grade levels above that.

I distinctly remember reading Firestarter and Salem’s Lot books that I checked out from the Newtown Road Elementary School Library. I’m wondering why was Stephen King in a public school library and how a third grader checked it out with no questions? But then again I read Roots in the 4th grade and that same year got caught reading Mandingo at church by Rev. Williams but that’s a whole different conversation for another day. I think I got that book from my grandmother who would bring home all these books home from her employers.

I can’t imagine not being in a position to read to read what I want whenever I want. So when I hear about the Moms for Liberty I think of as a coven of white supremacists hood wearing princesses that really want to continue collective sociopahty, they don’t want books like, The hate U Give or the 1619 project, or any MLK speech, because they say it’s replete with vile and divisive language, I am so going to either listen or read all of these books!! And tell my friends to read these books! Unintended consequences of ya’ll being dumb.

You don’t want anything in print to make your raggedly mouth kids or you feel bad about being “white”. But Karen, you cannot trample on Freedom of speech to secure your own privilege. Girl stop it!! What you are doing though, is raising a whole generation of mealy-mouthed-can’t-take criticism-weak-petty-bunch-Karen’s that are not beneficial to anyone.

People can write books but it don’t mean you have to read them. Woke and Science are not curses nor is it the enemy. I like to fuss and argue only if I am armed with the truth. If you are not reasonable take many seats…I don’t have time for you.

So if your only reason to ban Charlotte’s Web because talking animals are an abomination and you are too scared to talk to your kids about death because the spider dies(yes, this true a Kansas school system removed Charlotte’s Web for this reason), and you want all of us to be punks not have serious conversations that is so dumb! Please stop talking, please stalking and harassing our school boards because ya’ll are doing the most to keep everybody stupid, as you.

Please send me other books, magazines, works of art banned because of ignorance to or in the comments section of this blog.

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