The Melanated Nerd Is Watching Movies and having an uneventful Saturday…Word Up!

No I’m not having a TIA or stroke I’m just enjoying laying on the couch with my dog watching movies I have never heard of.

The Assistant

Please Stand By…Dakota Fanning as an autistic woman who writes a 400 page screenplay for a Star Trek Contest, hmmmm.

When did John Walsh get kicked off America’s Most Wanted and when did In Pursuit drop? 1400 fugitives brought to justice….

Rupaul Drag Race has been on for 14 seasons… so far, with the non-gay dude this Season is meh. I love the guest stars, Lizzo, Alisha Keyes and J-Lo I’m watching for them. Deja Skye, Kornbread, Ageria Paris is killing me…just country…

I’m just happy I have no place to go and not in a hurry to get there. And chair dancing to Cameo Word Up, is the end punctuation on a cool day.

What is today’s theme song for you?

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