The Melanated Nerd Is In BOOGIE Wonderland and There Are Things I Will Do For Love, Except That

I remember hearing as a child from a Pentecostal-so-called missionary or deacon warning that Earth Wind and Fire were devil worshipers and sang godless music. They would speak ill of what they did not understand. But if you have self control this music makes you wanna move and brings about guilt free happiness. They had it half correct but missed the overall uplifting power of all music.

Breaking overnight the world was notified of the untimely passing of Meatloaf due to complications of COVID.

Explanation of what “that” is

He took the world like a Bat Out Of Hell in the late 70s and then taught us what he wouldn’t do for love in the 1990s.

But his death from COVID complications is a reminder of get vaccinated and boosted, wear a mask of love for yourself and others.

What’s your song for today?

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