The Melanated Nerd Is Streaming Movies That Make Me Bop…Happy Feet Will Take You To Church!

I am on a posting quest and sharing movies and the music that will get you moving in your seat! It has been a number years since I have watched this movie. I had forgotten just how beautiful the graphics are and how lit the music is!

It is hysterical that I have permanently moved to TN, and Memphis, Bumble’s Dad had 1 job, to keep the egg safe. Epic fail, but those seizure activity feet and how the little penguins called him accidentally cool! You need a uplift, stream the movie or listen to the Kiss-Prince-Elvis mashup!

Let me tell you something to you…in the words of Ramon the Penguin, we have to aggressively seek happiness. Music and dancing like no one is watching is going to be part of that. That’s your theme song for today?

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