The Melanated Nerd Is Feeling Fine and In A Drama Free Zone

Today started out freezing cold but cleared nicely.

I went to pick up my EV… Oh yeah, in 2020 I put a deposit down for the new 2021 ID4 VW answer to Tesla.

2021 EV VW

I had some issues with the lack of AC and found out no Freon or coolant added before it shipped to the US. Most recently the care texted me and told me there was an electrical issue and get it serviced. This time the issue was the battery coolant compressor went bad and had to be replaced. Covered under warranty but annoying nonetheless. Here’s the thing, the car would not charge also. Not only did I get an alert of something amiss, but the car shut off charging effectively keeping the battery from overheating and catching fire. That’s pretty slick… I’m still confused as to why it didn’t tell me it didn’t have any coolant in it for the AC but intake this as a win! Also, having the VW plant in town gives you zero advantage.

I’m feeling fine….And I am happy! (Mary J and Jamie Foxxx were my first CDs my mother bought for me for my new boombox…so aging myself.)

Dancing Drama free with Mary J…

What’s your theme song for today? Light, Happiness, Joy, and always give your neighbors something to talk about!!

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