The Melanated Nerd Is Aggressively Pursuing Happiness

Posting a bit late but still realizing I made it to the end of a dope week!

I have discovered putting on makeup can actually be therapeutic. The Audio portion of the video will be part of my Podcast TNFro Is Reading on Sunday. I completely agree, I am so confused in the beginning!

Wow, Talk about #NoMoEyecircles…sheez

Really going back to the store to get a primer, darker concealer, makeup brushes, more foundation(should not use Iman foundation bought in 2014) a sheer powder, I plan to practice “snatching” my brows.

And listening to Pharrell’s Because I’m Happy Really does make me happy and want to March around the house which I actually did.

What is your theme song for today? How will you keep your neighbors talking?

Actively pursue joy is attractive. That is my truth.

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