The Melanated Nerd Is Rolling Her Eyes At COVID Shenanigans, Book Banning, Makeup Application, The Chapelle Problem, Nathaniel Grant Deportation to Liberia

This is the expansion of the notes from TNFro is Reading Podcast.

Campaign Against Mediocrity…Reading and Discussing Banned Books and discovering why it’s so dope to be Black, the State of TN re-enslaved a free man of color, Nathanial Grant, to force him to earn his passage back to Africa after he was deported. 

I am thankful for the Shade, the unintended consequence is learning and succeeding in increasing my visibility. 11K Followers on Instagram 10K Views on WordPress and counting!!

Also, I discover how to apply makeup to make myself Zoom Meeting Ready! I am also learning it actually feels good when your face is “beat”

Dark Under Eye Circles Much?

I discuss the “Diss”-Formation of Dave Chapelle and problematic Observational Comedy.

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Check out Dale’s Angels Inc Blog for notes from this episode and other subjects.

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