TNFro Is Reading…Podcast Notes and Social Media Roundup

I posted an additional Podcast In Celebration of opening day for NASCAR at Daytona 500…yes there are many Black NASCAR fans and NASCAR is more integrated than the NFL, 23XI co-owned by Michael Jordan, TrackHouse Racing co-owned by Pitbull…go figure.

NASCAR on Instagram

I realize my social media habits are really connected to how I put together my podcast and I hope that not only are you entertained by what you hear on my podcast and what I post on my blog. My hope is my listeners may accidentally learn something and also have fun while you’re doing it. In this podcast, I celebrate Black excellence my way.  I celebrate it through the food world as well as black travel  and the culture’s influence in pioneering discoveries. I also give major props to those people that when they get restricted,  they just build their own table and not wait for place at someone else’s.  They are more people like Tyler Perry than there are unlike him in spite of what the news will have you believe.  Excelling where they are in spite of low expectations. Keep learning, Keep creating, life is too short for regrets…


It’s all about the food for me…

Ramen, Ramen, Ramen

This was everything Mary and her boots …shout out to Tasha Smith

Star Trek Discovery Is Back…Check out @TrekLogs

Wilson Cruz Getting His Twirl On…

And featuring Body-oddie oddie in #OutMagazine

Did you know?

Did You Know?

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