The Ukraine Crisis-What Did the US do?

In her latest newsletter, Heather asks a question related to the Ukraine crisis that I thought would be interesting to ask as a standalone to see how…

The Ukraine Crisis

I am a bit perturbed that we are still dealing with the fall out dealing with our own former White House Sociopath. #chump in his bid to re-install himself as President withheld financial support from Ukraine in 2020, and the Republicans refused to prosecute him for abuse of power.

Putin, another egotistical sociopath, has been singular purpose, re-establishing USSR and his own power. But…just when you think you are powerful and untouchable you get caught off at the knees. The West has to unified in its resolve and stop this travesty, Germany really. Angela Merkel would have told Putin to shove it. I stand in solidarity to the people of Ukraine, RESIST!! I stand in solidarity with the people of Russia, RESIST Tyranny!!!

What will the US and NATO do?

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