TNFro’s Back With Another Podcast Episode

I really want as many people to listen to my Podcast and read my blog and follow me on social media and laugh at my opinions and learn something or at least fact check me an accidentally learn something. This is a podcast that produced itself. I had to submit it for editing to keep from prolonging it. Also it is important to click listen to check out the episode to listen to my first commercial from my sponsor.

My podcast is across 15 or 16 platforms. I just want to continue to provide opinions on things that interest me and subjects listeners want to hear.

I really was here even though I thought someone had jacked my picture.

Myrtle Beach

But I want to also make sure we are all aware and support the efforts of the Ukrainian people to remain free…Ukraine Forever. Unfortunately, another sociopath still has access to nuclear arms and is threatening to use because the world told him he can’t act like a dumbass.

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