TNFro Is Giving The Side Eye To Crocodile Karen Tears

I don’t know how many older African-American kids have heard this statement from their parents stop crying before I give you something to cry about. Like you were crying because you were in pain so if you beat me some more that’ll make me stop crying never made any sense to me. Until I became an adult and I realize that this was a tough harsh world and this was an ill advised attempt to toughen us up.

So the construct of white fragility and Karen’s tears really struck home to me because we as African-Americans especially women are not allowed to cry or we can cry all we want to nobody is gonna care. Our brain could be outside of our skull after someone has almost beat it out of our head and we are not supposed to even shed a tear. But Karen and them she cries and gets out of traffic tickets, she can cry herself out of murders, she can basically steal billions of dollars from investors if you believe the Netflix and Hulu specials highlighting the Elizabeth and the Anna’s of the world. These bills that outlaw lessons to be divisive like critical race theory and the 1619 because it can make white kids feel bad about themselves instead of triggering conversations to prevent racist views, murders on Asians, lynchings…make me itch. Tired of people that can’t take criticism and correction and are allowed to be mediocre and stupid as a privilege of their race. One of the reason I hate that local Pinnacle Home Improvement Commercial, that is not cute and appears to be a weak Karen in the making.

This doctor on a separate podcast basically verbalize everything around white Karen’s tears and in the words of my friend Janelle she broke it down so it can forever be broke and I want you to listen to it and then in the comment section let me know your thoughts and what is your take away from this?


Thank you, Dr. Yaba Blay. May this convo be: A comfort to those who need it. And a challenge to those who need it. Listen to the full #wecandohardthings episode with Dr. Blay wherever you listen to podcasts.

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