Episode 273 TNFro Is Reading…It must be a quota because no Black Woman Can Be that brilliant(Boils My Blood)…My personal rage at the ongoing War Of Mediocrity

It’s still Women’s History month in this episode I will be celebrating the lives of Dr. Corbett of vaccine fame as well as Judge Brown-Jackson, The first African-American woman nominated and will probably become the first black female justice on the Supreme Court. These African-American women who have excelled are still questioned because of their amazing intellect the higher they climb the more people will question because they can’t believe it because of their own limitations. Another product of white supremacy is people like the mediocre Chump family and the Tucker Carlson’s of the world. These wagers in mediocrity only want an even playing field if they are given the advantage and it makes me sick.
The COVIK-panorama still wages on the numbers are down but China is having its own omicron surge Western Europe is now seeing another surge and there is a new variant called the Delta -Cron which seems to be some weird Delta-Omicron Franken-Rona mash up.

I also talk about what I’m watching when I’m reading and what I’m writing and also going on about tomfoolery in the world.

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