TNFro Back Back! Entering a season of reflection and mindfulness…

Shout out to @wordpresssupport, I am back in the saddle, thanks so much!!

This episode was produced March 27th, my references are dated in terms of the shenanigans that have transpired over the past few weeks, from the slap happy #WillSmith to white Americans cashing in and overreacting for their own selfish gains to the Swedish mishandling of the COVID epidemic to the genocide in Ukraine by Russian troops to the ultimate in win for Black Excellence with the confirmation of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, Republicans your hoods are showing…

I have been out of commission due to the untimely death of my father, Clifton Robert Baxter. Rest In Power

Clifton R. Baxter

I have not been inspired to post or create in the past few weeks due to the death of my father, Clifton Robert Baxter, a complicated man and my relationship has been complicated with him as well. As I unpack my feelings and reaction to the death in an effort to help someone else dealing with pain, grief and regret.

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