Side Eye Side Bar…Scammers Beware, I like to fuss

Today I had 45 minutes of my life stolen because a scammer tried to scam me of my hard earned “scrilla” (Yes, I am obsessed with Mercedes Slang from P-Valley)

It’s been a while because I have the super Duper caller ID on my phone.

My iPhone is set to silence all unknown or spam calls. But this person had voice mail set up identifying himself as Sergeant Scott Hughes of the Hamilton county sheriffs department he left his phone number which is as follows:

423-216-4748. (The 911 agent confirmed there is no one at the department by this name)

Also the person who returned my called sounded completely different from the individual on the voicemail. This guy sounded very convincing with this multi layered phone scam basically. The period of time of the trial where I had a failure to appear in federal court over matters was during the time of my fathers death and did have parts that slightly rang true, but the story fell part for several reasons.

Trolling Social Media and even Linked-In For Victims

This person either found my information on-line or may have been in my home either as a repairman or delivery agent. I suspect if you search Felicia Baxter online you will know I what my medical specialty is and if you know anything about the court system I can be called as an expert witness. However, the US District Court of Western District of Washington reported and warned of this scam:

“If you are called by someone who says there is a warrant for your arrest related to missed federal jury duty, subpoena or other offenses, do not make any payments to them. Neither the U.S. Marshals Service, nor the U.S. District Court, will ever call to request payment of fines over the phone.

Instead report the call to your local FBI office and file a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).  The FTC has the ability to detect larger patterns of fraud and share that data with law enforcement.” Furthermore you should not pay for any bond surety or otherwise on the phone, those should be made or require in person presence.

Also, as a function of my previous position, I have appeared or I have been called as an expert witness. I am prepped and prepared to testify. I know when I should appear and it is not a surprise that information is on my calendar 6 months in advance. Also, subpoenas or summons if they are mailed it is certified or delivered in person by process server. (The main number for the City of Chattanooga Civil Process Servers 423-209-8970 to check to see if you have pending actions. None on file for your girl) And again if they compel payment by any form including but not limited to gift cards and any of the cash apps, hang up and call your  local FBI office as above or call your local non-urgent number through your county or city (City of Chattanooga 1-423-698-2525)

This time I was lucky, when I demanded to pay in person or conference in the clerk of court to double check the fines, they disconnected. My 1500 brick is safe, I have no outstanding warrants, and I live to fuss another day!!!

3 bricks but you get my meaning…

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