TNFro Is Reading…Finishing Savvy Sheldon Feels Good as Hell: A Romance Novel and Cooking Cornflake Fried Chicken

Why men great ’til they gotta be great…Lizzo

What she said!

I am finishing the last few pages of this book and I think Savvy Sheldon, the character in Taj McCoy’s would appreciate my chicken brined overnight and coated with frosted flakes and 3 cheese mac and cheese…

Bobby Brown Boston Blend Rocks! Mac and cheese, Corn Flake Fried Chicken with Nigerian Pepper Sauce

But Savvy gets her own upgrade and becomes a better version of herself inside and out!

Brining chicken overnight kills food borne disease but cooking throughout and keeping it refrigerated works too!

Savvy gets the position in her company, she gets a fantastic kitchen remodel, and she gets the man without Jason, her stupid ex. This is the feel good book of the year, sex scenes and all…jus’ sayin!!! Bahahaha!

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