TNFro Is Reading…My 7 Black Fathers

I started listening to this book on #audible after hearing about it from the author, Councilman Will Jawando.

The complicated lack of relationship with his biological father and the 7 men including his step father Joseph, Jay, and later forever POTUS, Barack Obama, and his only Black male teacher, Mr. Williams is a testiment how being vulnerable builds character and strength and how our communities need their strong Black men. Less gangsta more empathy attuned to feelings capable of control, self respect, and immense love.

What I found out most disturbingly is the hypocrisy and judgement and the effect of white supremacy in the Christian Church. And the persistent impact of respectability politics on so many generations. With the result being a brokeness and despair that is palpable.

I was heartened by how he processed all of this and still choose to walk or run forward. The creation of art with the height of August Wilson, the dancing to Go-Go music a DC creation using all of these experiences to become more or just himself.

I will write next chapter, being me or strive to be a better version of myself.

Dream, Hustle, Succeed, Repeat!

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