Quark’s Bar…TNFro Is SCREAMING WAKANDA FOREVER!!!! Caresha, Please Stop Asking Questions Forever POTUS and His Father

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The Teaser for Black Panther 2 Premiered at ComicCon this past week, and I am here for it!!

Cast Interview-Stars Danai Gurira, Winston Duke, Dominique Thorne, and Florence Kasumba weigh in on the most impactful moments in the ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ trailer released at San Diego Comic-Con 2022. Our differences will make us stronger! Who wants to live in a flavorless beige world?

Brilliant and Impactful!

Con or true #newjack #Union? Read this New York Mag Article on Union Organizer, Chris Smalls in his Union Drip and fake swag…

Caresha Please Episode…Interview with Kevin Gates Ratchet, Pornographic, Disturbing, Compelling…

Forever POTUS…Barack Obama Likely journey to the Presidency…Dreams From My Father and the rest of his writings including some of his speeches are available for purchase at my online bookshop, Far From Beale Street Bookshop

I remark besides Bill Clinton and maybe Joe Biden and his Nun Bonnet Snatching mother, Jimmy Carter, President Obama’s life, upbringing was what this country needed and still needs and is the representation of someone suited for high office with the background, training, and relatability no matter if you don’t think he should be or was. Am I saying that President Obama is on the same level as the Messiah or Jesus Christ, no not at all because he is a man with flaws? But the last time someone did not look like or speak like or did come in with swords blazing, He was crucified with humankind completely missing the point for millennia.

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