TNFro Is Reading and Quark’s Bar Popular Culture My Glow UP Continues, Empress Gin and Tonic, 2 M’s on NY Mag/The Cut, GOT/P-Valley/Dragon Oh My!

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Cocktail For Discussion…Empress Gin and Tonic…yeah dranks!

Empress Gin and Tonic

The Excellence of the 2 M’s Megan Thee Stallion and Princess Cousin Meghan Formerly of Sussex on special edition of NY Mag and the Cut

Where There Are Lies and Tomfoolery There Will Be a Donkey…The Poop Emoji Deflects

TV Watching…

House of The Dragon is lit with the Dragon being my favorite character…

Have Dragon Will Travel and Rule The 7 Kingdoms

The character Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, is gangster killed a wild boar by hand and then pulled pork for everybody at her brother’s naming ceremony…gangsta!

But you have to watch the original gory Game of Thrones. GOT Is Cray, Ya’ll!!

How Jason Mamoa as the Dothraki warlord melted the gold and pour molten god over Viserys Targaryen’s head…Dude!! And the Lannister’s incest, that is why Joffrey is nuts.

GOT, I just think rank smells, toe jam, fish, pits and ass crack…

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