Rest In Power Queen Elizabeth II, Long Live King Charles III, Days of Reflection

The 10 days of mourning to the lead up to her majestic funeral, state funeral that is, has been in the planning probably since she was coronated back in 1953.

I am watching the news which is so unlike me with CBS they have been given a little snippets of her life and her meaning to the British people. Even when there has been an anti-monarchy movement spreading and becoming stronger over the last decade,her approval rating is still well over 75%. well above most sitting American presidents besides maybe Reagan and forever POTUS Obama.

As an African-American, I still low-key an Anglophile. The blend of the monarchy, tradition and majesty.even with the messiness, they were a group of people I admire for the fabulousness, I know how materialistic. I miss her Majesty like I actually knew her which is weird.

King Charles III, hmm. Queen Consort Camilla, hmm, no comment. Not my marriage,not my choice. Would have preferred King George VII, because the first 2 Charles’ had issues. If Diana had gotten the help she needed she would still be alive, but I still don’t think she would have been married to Charles, so there.

It was really cute and there is obvious affection although restrained in the public eye between the the Queen and as it were the Prince of Wales now King, calling her Mummy during the Platinum Jubilee. I remember and still have all the papers for the Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

He calls her Mummy.

Even as the UK mourn, there still is so much to do, watch as King Charles has to be proclaimed, when I am sure he wants to just mourn and prepare for his mother’s funeral, because he, Andrew, and Margaret are orphans, do we think about that now?

Also, Prince William, grieves her loss but grateful for her being her grandchild and guidance of her for 20 years. Not lost on me, that Harry did not but in her death they are now back together, Diana’s boys now together again…I love this.

Reminder to be present and remember these kids are grieving the loss of their Queen Granny, with the elegance of Diana kids.

My heart goes out to them all

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