TNFro Is Reading and Quark’s Bar Popular Culture My Glow UP Continues, Emmy’s We Are Here, Donkey’s and POOP Emojis, Dragons and P-Valley Oh My!

I am grateful to be held down by the GA-FL Line!!! I see you Spain, Mexico, Bangladesh, United Kingdom, GA, TN! Thanks for streaming! I have come so far and I just want to keep surging!!!

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The Talk on The Internet For Good Reasons…3 Emmy Winners, all Black, All Beautiful–Sheryl, Quinta, Lizzo

The Best Emmy Acceptance Speech Ever
Best Interruption…

Big Grrls Winning!!

Where There Are Lies and Tomfoolery There Will Be a Donkey…The Poop Emoji Deflects, Tiffany Girl, Stabilize…what the, National Abortion Ban…

R-Kelly The Jail Time Keeps Adding Up…Convicted Child Pornography

TV Watching…

House of The Dragon is lit with the Dragon being my favorite character…

Have Dragon Will Travel and Rule The 7 Kingdoms

The character Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, and the inappropriate contact with her uncle. I refused to watch that a second time.

P-Valley…shockingly high ratings and viewership but no Emmy’s, Mainstream white-bread your loss…

Whisper and Roulette

Please Stream To Number 1, J. Alphonse Nicholson the Unrapper

I plan to Broadcast on #Arc Monday Tuesday and Wednesday, highlighting the heavy hitters of R and B, Chaka, Diana, Staci, Evelyn, Patti, and Aretha…what songs do you think I should add send a message to or add comments below! Join me for the ride home 5pm those days for the picks!!

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