TNFro is Glowing Up, @Quark’s Bar and Listening to bops on @amp, Rest In Power Loretta Lynn, Donkey’s, Black/Professional/Middle Age Dating Not For the Faint of Heart & No Lace Thongs in Middle Age Romance

My Glow Up For Real! Well on my way to 40K Downloads! 100K Here I Come!

I see you CA, Oregon, AZ, IL!! Thank you for listening!!

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Donkeys, Kardashian Followers, Really Kanye, Herschel Not Being 100…

Mulkey, Girl. The only reason why anyone knows your name and you had that winning season that got your current position, is due in large part to this young woman…#BrittneyGriner. How dare you not even show her an ounce of concern.


Social Media Round Up

Yeah, nah Herschel we don’t believe you, girlie has the receipts from 2009, and even your own right-wing kid is calling you out..

Herschel Walker is a fraud, Christian Walker calls his father out on his lies….he has the receipts, “Don’t try him”

Movies and Ratched TV Watching

Black Hamptons….Yeah or Nah?

Singing Karaoke to Coal Miner’s Daughter, Loretta Lynn…Rest In Power

Tales from Reddit…Dating, Flannel Romance, Clubbing Stories(I do not vouch for the validity of these tales but if you have something wilder hit me up at

Entitled BF, entitled to what boo?
Flannel not lace thongs
Vicarious Club Story, I do not advocate Molly or any other drug usage.

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