TNFro Was Daytripping…ATL I Came, I Went and Had Great Food!!

I make no excuses that I am completely obsessed with trash semi-reality TV. Enter the Real Housewives franchises with ATL being Tops!! I admire Kandi Burruss songwriter, singer, successful entrepeneur…all around badass!

and Love and Hip Hop…with ATL the last to go into Reunion

So, I am determined to get out amongst people and celebrate the restaurants and general places grown out of the Black-owned TV franchises right down the road from me in Chatt, and why not?

Also, testing the range of my EV…290 miles per charge? I can easily get to ATL on full charge, but will need to factor in 1-hour rapid charge at Electrify America or ChargePoint. Is GA hooked on EVs like TN? Yes, you are.

Mayor Keisha before she moved up in government made it so! All those Teslas etc need a charger!!I made the mistake not bringing Little Ethel, leaving her for 5 hours was a bit much, and it should not have taken 3.5 hours to get back.

Dear @volkswagenUS, I don’t mind advertising or talking about your vehicle, for a fee.(lol)

Contrary to Kandi’s Mama Joyce, Kandi and Todd’s Blaze did not disappoint.

The Seafood fritters were ok, 1 shrimp and a lot of breading, the deep fried lobster tail succulent

And the Red Velvet Cake moist and delightful

I ordered ahead at Yandy’s Dancing Crepe or so I thought, but Grubhub was off line and my order was cancelled, so I had to wait 30 minutes for my order.

Maybe I am not real familiar with Hennessy or the flavor, but Hennessy Fried Ribs, the 5 bones I was given was just meh. They were out of crab claws but the seafood egg rolls were heaven…Since it was too late I didn’t make it to Frost.

Let me know other spots to check out in the ATL…This is becoming a daytrip of gluttony! I still have 2 more weekends to address.

It was the last day of early voting, and I saw all the adverts for Rev Warnock and the Stacy for Govenor. If elected there could be a Wakands Sich, but they have to address the rise in homeless in one of the most prosperous cities in the South. Socioeconomic inequities cannot co-exist if the city is still going to remain the jewel it has been and can be in this new century. So what are ya’ll going to do?

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