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I see you in Panama, Italy, the Czech Republic, OH, NJ, GA, AZ!! Thank you for listening!!

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TNFro Is Continuing My Glow Up, Bevealations, News and Shady Observations, Donkeys Oh My! feliciabaxter

MLK observations, Walking into your boss-ness, Kanye Marries a Kim K before-she -transitioning-to-the-whitest-of-white-chicks-look-a-like, and other observations from the edge. Subscribe monthly on  Patreon ,  Podbean or  Deezer!     Contact Us via LinkedIn: Dale's Angels Inc Twitter: @tvfoodwinegirl Instagram: @tnfroisreading YouTube: Facebook: TNFroIsReading Bookclub You know your girl is on her hustle, support the show by navigating to: Online Bookstore: Far From Beale St. Books Dale's Angel's Store…For Merch Promo Code: tnfro Writer's Block Coffee Ship A Bag of Dicks Promo Code: tnfrogotjokes Don't forget to drop me a line at comments on the show or suggestions for Far From Beale St additions.   @_realityrecords @blacksuccessgoal #podcasthost #podcastersunite #applepodcast #podcasting #podcast #spotifypodcast #podcasters #podbean #podcastshow #podcastersofinstagram #podcaster@_realityrecords @blacksuccessgoal #podcast #tennessee #podcastersofinstagram #britonmedia #monday #blackownedbusiness #ukraine #blackexcellence #creative #1billionblackgirls #tnfroisreading #podbean #quarksbar  
  1. TNFro Is Continuing My Glow Up, Bevealations, News and Shady Observations, Donkeys Oh My!
  2. TNFro Is Reading…Bevelations, Black Excellence, Cowboys Shade, Damar Hamlin Purpose, Donkeys, and Quarks Bar Reality TV
  3. TNFro is Glowing Up, @Quark’s Bar, The Best of 2022
  5. TNFro is Glowing Up, @Quark’s Bar, The Dallas Cowboys , Middle Age Relationships, Observations From the Edge, Ratched TV Watching , and Carrying Light with Forever FLOTUS

Good Black News and What I am Reading and BOTWC highlight interesting facts we never learned in history class. Did you know Eartha Kitt, Jackie Robinson, and Alex Ailey all have birthdays this month?

Uncle Nearest Owner(sales a surpass 100 million USD), Fawn Weaver, and her husband, Kevin Weaver buy the building that house his parent’s bank, talk about building generational wealth. But still dissed me as far as becoming a sponsor or advertising on my show, but their loss.

I am Reading Bevelations which includes her truly inspirational TED Talk

Transcript from Bevy Smith TED talk

“I am a late bloomer.

In fact, a friend of mine you may have heard of —

Chris Rock –he once called me the most late-blooming mofo he’d ever met.

Now, some people might consider that snide,

but I revel in it.

I’m 55,

and I’m here in this curvy body as someone who has done the work,

living the life walked the walk in these very high heels —

and therefore is qualified to testify in the church and in the court of law that it does, in fact, get greater later.”

Travel to expand your horizons, being uncomfortable is short-term and will lead to growth

Side Eye To The Offensive Coordinator of the Cowboys

The #Cowboys have secured a Wildcard berth as we go into the playoff week!! And We Beat the Bucs but our kicker may just be looking for a new job. Really how you miss all 4 extra points?

I watched some of the Bills Vs. Dolphins and the Bills were forcing mistakes in the first quarter but Miami is within 3 with 9 minutes left in the 4th quarter. I will flip back over to see the nonsense a little later. The Bills did win…

The Bills are whipping up on New England in honor of Damar Hamlin who survived on-field cardiac arrest. He is now talking and is neurologically intact.

r/Over40 and Observations from the Edge

Best From Tales from News, Reddit, and Medium …Dating and Romance Over 50 (I do not vouch for the validity of these tales but if you have something wilder hit me up at

Just because you’re not getting it(sex) doesn’t mean you don’t want it…Ex-Real Housewife of

nowhere Dorinda.

I date like I invest. I am risk averse, so I don’t invest as much, and I don’t date. Felicia Baxter,

TNFro 2022.

Always a side-chick and never the bride…

The Comments are everything…No being relegated to side-chick status is worse than friendzone, no respect boo.

Donkey’s Don-Keying and other Pop News

Republicans knew of the fictional background of Santos and flowed with it. So Ye Marries a Kim K Look-alike, Bianca Censori Head of Architecture at YEEZY in a not so secret ceremony this week I read in Vanity Fair. Yeah, she does resemble Kim K before she started transitioning back to the whitest of white girls, just sayin’

Quark’s Bar–RHOA &The Green-Eyed Shady Bunch, RHOP

I love the shade of the host of #Bingeworthy, and it appears people are still talking about Porsha Williams’ marriage to a former castmate from RHOA, Falynn Guobadia, an ex-friend, now ex-husband, Simon Guobadia. Dude married 5 now 6 times, and was acting like a real creep when Porsha and them came to the house.

The entire affair was a messy affair for the cameras. Fans are commenting about lost respect for vapid Porsha Williams. When did we have respect for this THOT?

Umm, Kenya Moore, Ms USA ’93 is still not divorced??? Da-F??? But she is on Special forces, face beat and with lashes hanging off a cliff, wait whaaaa??? And she is aging backwards…

And I have now subscribed to another shady queen for dragging Gizzy and her shenanigans….

Chris Bassett does not want Gizzy, we have the receipts. He IS NOT CHECKING FOR YOU!!

Social Media RoundUp…Well just my instagram feed…Self promotion oh yeah…Still click like or play the reel…Dude I get a bonus, seriously.

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#BG Is Free!! Released In Exchange for an arms dealer with his own Air Force…

RONA Updates…Triple Pandemic and Death when you are vaccinated and boosted with the wrong variant…

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