TNFro Is…Reading Bevelations, Donkeys Donkeying , and other Pop Culture Shenanigans.

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TNFro’s Bar NASA and Webb Love, Shop Talk, And The Picard/Next Gen Reunion feliciabaxter

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  1. TNFro’s Bar NASA and Webb Love, Shop Talk, And The Picard/Next Gen Reunion
  2. TNFro is Dropping her own TNFro-lations, Talking About The First Black Female Neurosurgery Resident at Vandy, FL Man Donkeys, Unreality TV Shenanigans
  3. TNFro’s Bar…New NASA Drip, ‘Shop Talk Zeke has Left The Bldg, and All Things Star Trek…Interview with John Champion
  4. TNFro Is…Donkeys Donkeying Wamp There It Ain’t, The Academy Sucks, Reading Bevealations and Spare, and other Pop Culture Shenanigans.
  5. TNFro Is Reading and Needs The Donkey’s to Stop Playing in Jill Biden’s Face, The Angela Does Not Disappoint at the Image Awards, and other Pop Culture Shenanigans

Gone RVing Tips and Good Black News

Always have spare propane tanks and 50/30 adapter.

What I’m Reading …More From Bevelations. and BOTWC highlight interesting facts we never learned in history class.

Angela Bassett on CBS News Dishes on her career and nomination for Oscar, Best Supporting Actress Wakanda Forever.

NAACP Image Awards…BG and wife were a moment!

Ben Crump, Nicco Anan and other encouraging speeches during the Image Awards…The fashion, on point!

The Donkey’s of The Week Goes to the Nimarata, ex-EMT, M stands from Murdering Murdaugh

r/Over40 and Observations from the Edge

Best From Tales from News, Reddit, and Medium …Dating and Romance Over 50 (I do not vouch for the validity of these tales but if you have something wilder hit me up at

Just because you’re not getting it(sex) doesn’t mean you don’t want it…Ex-Real Housewife of

nowhere Dorinda.

I date like I invest. I am risk averse, so I don’t invest as much, and I don’t date. Felicia Baxter,

TNFro 2022.

I did a Reddit Adjacent personal assessment of why not everyone, friends, can’t roll where you have to go. Take many seats, Forest Ave not a soft place to hide from life, takes work to stay there, and I am not a free therapist, Get Talkspace, most insurance cover it.

TNFro’s Bar–Picard Is Back for It’s 3rd and Final Season Restart Bonus Content On Patreon!

#BG Is Free!! Released In Exchange for an arms dealer with his own Air Force, now signed to 1 year deal with WNBA!! Part of ‘Shop Talk on Patreon and my TNFro’s Bar Channel

RHOA &The Green-Eyed Shady Bunch, RHOP

I love the shade of the host of #Bingeworthy, #MakeItMakeSense and #Kemfire. Did you know #CarlosKing, is a former Real Housewife franchise producer?

Gizzy not that dizzy…She acting like a bully getting punch and shook by Ralphie…

Drew on 285, Carlos calling Peter Thomas Patricia, hysterical…the husbands are wildin’ in the RH U-verse…

Ashley fumbled the bag…she will not get alimony nor half of any earnings he has made since they married. Now Michael(Golam) is suing Candiance??What the?? She ain’t got it for him…

OMG Candiance, Gizzy, and Porsha on Ultimate Girl’s Trip…l Just Cannot!! But I am here for it!

Karen is as delusional as mother Jefferson…Juan doesn’t want you. He hardly wants Robyn.

Social Media RoundUp…Well just my instagram feed…Self promotion oh yeah…Still click like or play the reel…Dude I get a bonus, seriously.

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RONA Updates…Triple Pandemic and Death when you are vaccinated and boosted with the wrong variant…

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