TNFro’s Bar…Celebrating Reverence Bourbon with Michael Frazier, NASA News, ‘Shop Talk KY Derby and Lebron, and Star Trek The Borg of it All

TNFro’s In Space with this week in Space News, Drinking and Eating, Cowboys Win! AHOSKA Chapter 5 Commentary Over 40 And Unapologetically Nerdy

Fro's In Space, From What if Visualize it and Realize it!   Comet Nishimura photographed by the Virtual Telescope Project facility in Manciano, Italy on Sept. 5, 2023. (Image credit: Gianluca Masi/Virtual Telescope Project) CHAPTER 5 Ahshoka Gives Space Whales?!?! Dope! Become a Melanated Nerd on Podbean or Patreon by clicking to subscribe and listen to all Premium content; the window closes soon on available Episodes across most platforms! Check out the Previous Show Clips on TNFroisReading YouTube Channel @akrapheal  @Lettucegrow Get into it use code: FRIEND-YFO35A for percentage off your first order Navigate to Gurneys   CLICK HERE! Offer Code: 0575825
  1. TNFro’s In Space with this week in Space News, Drinking and Eating, Cowboys Win! AHOSKA Chapter 5 Commentary
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Journey with me as I celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage NASA style!

The James Webb Space Telescope has peered at a sub-Neptune sized planet. Astronomers pointed the James Webb Space Telescope at a common kind of planet that’s bigger than Earth but smaller than Neptune. What they saw wasn’t what they expected.

GJ 1214b. It’s bigger than the rocky planets like Earth, but still smaller than any of our system’s ice or gas giants. Studies show that such planets – often called super-Earths or mini-Neptunes – are incredibly common in our galaxy.

She and Captain Robert Curbeam part of STS-116 in 2007. This was the first mission with two African-American crewmembers.

Dopest Crew on the Planet…

By NASA –, Public Domain,

Michael Frazer did his homework, tasted 400 hundred different Bourbons before producing his own unique recipe for Reverence, The First Black Owned Bourbon in TN! Order Here.

Black Owned Fresh Bourbon of KY

Don’t know about the cigar but this is a dope pour!

Pretty Fresh

1.5 oz Fresh Bourbon
1 oz Lime Juice (Sweetened)
.5 oz Grenadine
.5 oz PeachSchnapps
Top w/ Sprite, Lemon Garnish

‘Shop Talk…Golden State Will Go To Game 7/I am not a Lebron Fan

The KY Derby was last weekend, the investigations in to the high death in the horses is ongoing

Mage winner of 2023 Kentucky Derby

The hats were everything…

Deeper Dive on ST Borg…

7 Introduced During the Species 8472 War…Cooperation not Assimilation

Star Wars, Ramen Noodles and check out OxTail Topped Ramen

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