TNFro Is in Harrison Bay TN Glamping, Reading, Good Black News, Side Eyeing Donkeys, and Spilling Unreality TV Tea On her New Episode

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TNFro Is Reading Season or Podcast Finale…I haven’t decided Yet. Talking about Inheritance, Woke History, Pop Culture, and Unreali-TV Mena Not Invited and #RHOA-Nay Nay Not Down feliciabaxter

  I forgot which writer said it's better to be at the end of something instead of the beginning. But what I do know this is the last new episode besides going live every now and again.  I don't know if this is just the season finale or if this is gonna be the last new episode ever of my podcast,  but I know I'm gonna take this time to rethink what direction I'm going to go.   And I want to get back to my first love which is writing. I guess I am just in enough time for NaNoWriMo 2023.  I want to take a skill share class on screenwriting and may be tightening up my book writing skills. I  also want to concentrate on things that I like to do and learn better skills to do it. But also concentrating on building relationships and only working with people that I like.   All good things must come to an end…my passion project hasn't started to pay for itself. You can have dope content, but people will not pay for anything they can get for free. And Bay-bee, I-DON'T-DO Free!   Bought to you by Felicia’s Paycheck!   Actively seeking partners, sponsors or sponsorships to continue to provide amazing content. So become a Melanated Nerd on Podbean by clicking Apple Subscriptions     Or Patreon and other archived content by clicking to subscribe and listen to all Premium content; the window has closed on available Episodes! Check out the Previous Show Clips on TNFroisReading YouTube Channel
  1. TNFro Is Reading Season or Podcast Finale…I haven’t decided Yet. Talking about Inheritance, Woke History, Pop Culture, and Unreali-TV Mena Not Invited and #RHOA-Nay Nay Not Down
  2. Bonus Episode: Remix NASA News, Sunday dinner, ’shop Talk Dallas Injury report and Case against Astroturf, Celebrating Ships of Star Trek
  3. TNFro Is Reading…Countdown to the End, Woke AMA is Not A Thing G.O.N., Edward Blum and Neofascism, Mena Mess and other Unreali-T TV Musings
  4. Bonus Episode: TNFro’s Bar Space News, Remix Eating and Drinking, ’shopTalk Dallas, Reading Listeners
  5. TNFro is Reading…Our Connection to Land, Woke History: International Racism and Gymnastics, Pop Culture WGA Strike Is Over and Ava Storms Venice, Unreali-TV

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In this episode I share my experience at Harrison Bay TN, Glamping.

Glamping, Harrison Bay
I don’t mind being here. Where am I? I am on one of the many RV sites on the Chickamauga that was originally managed by Tennessee valley authority back in the 30s. This is God’s country. It’s kind of problematic. This site not only encompasses the former town of Harrison, but the last campground of the Cherokee before they were forced out by who I believe it was Andrew Jackson . I wonder if former sites were excavated or were they just covered over or hidden?

I grilled steak and made and ate Mexican Street corn, on May 6th. I am so greedy. I finished eating and then looked around for more food as if food was going to miraculously appear…

Join the Fight For Democracy, For Justin Pearson and For Justin Jones.

TNFro Is Reading…Nene Leakes...She is a loud mouth OG from #RHOA with much to say in her life journey sparing no feelings and spilling much T.

Nene Being Real…Excepts from her book, Never Make the Same Mistake Twice.

Featured Michael Farris Smith Book on wanna buy and read…

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Spilling Unreality TV Tea…Recap New Season on #RHOA and Sheree-isms and other Cray…

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