TNFro Is…Talking #Blaxit with Noelle Ojo, Strategies 2.0 with Kah Walla, Reading Octavia Butler, Pop Culture Round Up and Unreality TV…They Still Playin’ In Our Faces

Why are people that look like me going back to Africa or anywhere else but the US?

Noelle “Hard-J” Ojo explains in her Book The Blaxit Effect available for immediate purchase.

With the many crises in the world, why leave out the women of the African Diaspora when we are most suited to endure, assist, and persist in spite of obstacles? Kah Walla, co-author of Black Women Shaping The World and CEO of Strategies expands on our previous discussion in this segment. Listen to her powerful message.

As well as Pop-culture roundup and fussing about Unreality TV.

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