#WestwardFro Misadventures

So why am I posting pics of my RV? This is where I live. I had to get to Oregon and I wanted to live tiny, but with limited cash on hand. Besides, I am not handy, so doing repairs or building anything was not on my agenda. I was certain that my options in SW Oregon were limited and if you check out Zillow.com, overpriced and nasty.

It became apparent rapidly, that I should have planned my trip differently.  A new truck requires a hitch with sway control. This is purchase is right up there with my my first iPod and mulching blade lawnmower.imagesHitch with Sway Control



I would have replaced the hot water heater with my current Suburban brand instead keeping the 30 year old unit that went bad within 2 weeks after I arrived. I would have have stripped the entire wall down to the studs replaced the useless shelving and replaced the smelly refrigerator with a true bidirectional and installed the  Combo Washer Dryer. Pulled that disgusting rug and create a herringbone design with wood flooring. Put memory foam Posture Pedic Mattress in my bedroom. Updated the electrical to handle the solar panel to power the unit. Make sure I had lavender, Almond Oil and Epsom salt to soak away the stiffness from driving for 10 hours per day.

Screenshot 2017-09-05_00-53-57Oregon Trail

I wish I could have waited to come after it had stopped raining in Oregon. Evidently this was the longest and wettest winter on record. I could have gone more North and explored the waterfalls of Minnesota. I could have experienced Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore. Camped on the open range in Wyoming and learned to fish for my dinner…err buy fish for my dinner. I could have been preparing for my life in Oregon.  I loved camping in Redwood Forest but I would have preferred to camp near Crater Lake


Or camp all up and down the Oregon Coast, because there are much nicer coastal towns than raggedy Coos Bay.

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There is no love lost on this town where I work. What makes it tolerable are some of the genuinely coolest, craziest, boss people on the planet, and I get to work with them. And surrounding Oregon is absolutely the prettiest place in America. I can’t wait to go on my next adventure.

Please let me know what you think or if you have any questions on the products discussed. I welcome the feedback.

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