Tiny RV Living Because I Can

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What’s Under the Canopy?

The crew at the front desk of my RV park are wondering, what has the crazy chick with the Fro ordered from Amazon now? Well, firstly I am going to be staying a minute, and It looks as if I have expanding my living space by at least another 20 feet so how did I do it simply.  Here is my list on Amazon, aptly named Tiny Living In An RV with all the purchases needed to trick out my outside space.

If you will notice the flowers are edible, and a random purchase at the local Bi-Mart of Hot peppers and Thyme. I have been a Prime member for a number of years, I have bought everything from books, to detergent, and groceries. Everything displayed in the slideshow, I have experienced somewhere else, and wanted to bring it into my sanctuary that is my RV. Someone recently said to me , they invited me to their home to rescue me from my cramped RV, but I’m not cramped. I am definitely not deprived. Is it challenging for a unrepentant low grade hoarder to live truly in a small space? You damn skippy it is!!! But, I have to pledge to make sure I only have what I really need and only bring something in if there is a place for it. I am in the process of packing up and mailing things back to NC, in anticipation of moving back home and I have no space for any of it here. I have to have room to do yoga if necessary and get down on my knees to thank God for my blessings that I get to have a seaside residence at a steal!!! No steam bathrooms or granite countertops, but not too bad for scrap Aluminum plus taxes!


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