On Edge For A Reason

It seems everyone is rolling on 20. Walking around bound with shoulders hunched to their ears. Stressed out. If I am going to be anxious it’s going to be for a reason. The struggle is real. I fear not having enough money to save or pay my bills. I keep it 100 , always on … Continue reading On Edge For A Reason

Side Eye Side Bar

If you are a Creative or Content Creator, then create. If you are a writer, then write. But if haven’t done either, you are neither. You get rewarded when you are on your hustle. Step your game up and your payday will come. Until then… And nobody else is paying for vapor and lies. Send … Continue reading Side Eye Side Bar

NCFroIsReading…The Sunday NY Times and Other Stuff

This past weekend I was extremely annoyed that I couldn't sit and enjoy my coffee, Bacon and Eggs from Whole Foods, listen to jazz, and read my Sunday NY Times in exactly that order. NYTIMES STYLE AND WEDDINGS https://www.pinterest.com/baxter2055/kleinfelds-v-lori-bridal/ Weddings TRAVEL Section https://nyti.ms/2x3GkoG I am blessed to live here Blogging NCFroIsReading...Short Stories and Listening to … Continue reading NCFroIsReading…The Sunday NY Times and Other Stuff

Felicia’s Favorite Things

Yeah I am not Oprah...and my minus bank account balance is proof of that but I still have  things I love. This is a tribute to a battle against ashy cuticles and white webbing between fingers.   All of these items are available on my website. MyIndiaHicks