#WestwardFro as an #IndiaHicks Ambassador

This is not my first foray into retail and certainly won’t be my last. I did some seriously quick calculations and even though on paper my salary is higher than previously because I am unmarried and have no dependents and because there is a state income tax at 9% on top of the 22% I am paying federal, and everything in this backwater is more expensive, my take home pay is about 5-7K less than previously.

Most days, it is tough being a Pediatric Hospitalist, I am so bored I am agitated. Also, I love purses and accessories and it is so difficult to get anything cool in the SW Backwater of Oregon. So now I get to shop and make a little scratch doing it! So I checked out India Hicks, ordered my Big Kahuna Starter Kit and started Base Camp training. It was like Christmas when the package arrived!

I wore my scarf to work and on a hike. I will be putting the rest of my ensemble together once my first order arrives…Fedora, Earrings, and Bird and Knoll Scarf.

Our Winter Bling Collection also promises to be just as exciting…Take a look at the reveal yesterday. India Hicks

No one thinks I have nothing to contribute other than what they can milk for free. So they think she’s only a pediatric hospitalist, and that’s all she can do. But I have an IT and Business skill set that will blow your mind. So if my current employers won’t utilize me, cool, I got bigger cod to fry!

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