#WestwardFro Misadventure Chapter 2-236

Ok so yesterday I decided multiple things. Firstly, I had do laundry early and launder my bed linens before I got pink eye(yes, girls can be kind of gross too.) Secondly, I had to switch multiple recurrent payments from my Amex to Wells Fargo Business Debit for a variety of reasons. Thirdly, I have to complete India Hicks training and set up my first virtual meet, more on that later.




My favorite scarf in my India Hicks Fall Collection

And lastly, if I am to survive my time in Oregon, I am going to have to get outside and check all 236 waterfalls. Sweet Creek is not 1 big waterfall like Tokeetee or Multnomah but a series of beautiful falls that lead to the end. I have finally broken in my hiking boots I bought in Colorado 12 years ago! I will also post selfies with tree branches enhancing my Fro’ Bahahahah!

I am excited about my next chapter…I plan on writing it myself.

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