TNFro Is Reading…The Rewrite of The Only Black Dude on the Mayflower, The Making Of Westward Fro The Guidebook and Other Selections


 The following was taken from The Making of Westward ‘Fro A Guidebook.

Okay you have to hum the next verses to the tune of The Beverly Hillbillies in your head as you sing the following verses to yourself…

Here’s a little story about a girl with a Fro 

Who drove 3500 miles with an RV in tow

Little did she know she would get caught in snow 

A late storm that is

In April…

On the Donner trail in the high sierras…

Well first thing you know the story could have ended right there.

But she persevered showed up in Oregon no worse for wear 

Oregon turned out NOT

The place she needed to be

So eight months later she packed up her truck and headed back East to Tennessee

Hills that is, 


candied bacon, 

single malt whiskey…This is a story of a meandering trip across the United States, the start of the Adventures of #WestwardFro, and then my becoming #TNFro which is available on Wander on Vocal+ Media. Navigate there and let me know what you think.

I hope this demonstrates how much fun I have had creating this piece and the Podcast overall. This one was particularly long because I had so much to say in Black Excellence highlighting recently passed Diahann Carroll and National Cool.

I also had a particularly chatty time talking about Invites to the BBQ, and how Biden is losing cool points in his lack of coherent response. I talk about who I am giving the Side Eye with a comprehensive breakdown of the Ukraine Scandal and people in the people of rural America why Dems may not be able to win them over. 

I will highlight promising books and other works in Literature News and other Random -Ish.

My Chattabooks and Read is the longest yet because I am still reading Water Dancer by T. Coates. Also, I recorded my final edits for the Making of Westward Fro for Vocal+ live, I rewrote a chapter The Only Black Dude on the Mayflower which is available on my author website,…and-crazy-behind/ for your review. I also answered with Lupita Nyong’o questions from the New York Times By The Book

I will end the podcast with my Daily Affirmations but I will leave you with one from Joel Osteen right now,

I am supposed to do better

I deserve to be successful

Because I will do and have done the work.

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