Becoming #WestwardFro

A Glamping Guide to 3600 Miles to Oregon

BeastLa and My Travel Trailer, Camping World Eugene, OR.

Okay you have to hum the next verses to the tune of The Beverly Hillbillies in your head as you sing the following verses to yourself…

Here’s a little story about a girl with a Fro 

Who drove 3500 miles with an RV in tow

Little did she know she would get caught in snow 

A late storm that is

In April…

On the Donner trail in the high sierras…

Well first thing you know the story could have ended right there.

But she persevered showed up in Oregon no worse for wear 

Oregon turned out NOT

The place she needed to be

So eight months later she packed up her truck and headed back East to Tennessee

Hills that is, 


candied bacon, 

single malt whiskey…

This is a story of a meandering trip across the United States, the start of the Adventures of #WestwardFro, and then my becoming #TNFro. I will share my experience camping in Reno, late snowstorms in Donner’s Pass (Yes of the Cannibal Variety)

Late Snowstorm Donner’s Pass, April 2017

It would be about tip warnings in Wyoming. It would be the breathtaking experience of the geyser, Ol’ Faithful, of Yellow Stone and soaks in the Hot Springs of Arkansas. It will be about camping at the foot of the giant Redwoods and being corrected that the giant drive through tree in Leggett, CA is in fact a Giant Sequoia and not a Redwood by the cranky old manager of the KOA in Redwood CA.

Pool, Hot Springs Arkansas
Old Faithful
Sunset Reno Campground

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I guarantee you will leave wanting more!!!

Game Day, Mills Casino and RV Park North Bend, Oregon

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