TNFro Presents TNFro’s Medical Minute Biotech Investment, I’m not Ballin’ and Breast MRI

In this week’s segment we will discuss Updates and Alerts in Precision Medicine, Blockchain, and Biotechnology.

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We will discuss Hype about Blockchain


I will also continue with my Best In Biotech Stocks. These are the stocks I wish I had bought.

Biotech_Stocks_I_wish_I_bought.png         I started discussing this group of stocks as wins for the next rally, and they performed well as the market rebounded after the previous weeks of losses. I would have been over 150K richer if I had invested all of bonuses from the previous years.

Previous Week Discussion Update: 23 deaths, 1300 reported with Vape Associated Illness, Currently, the prevailing theory is that the lung ailments are being caused by ingredients present in cartridges containing THC, most (but not all) of which had been purchased off the black market. Last week, the CDC reported that 78% of the 514 cases it has analyzed thus far involved patients using products containing THC, while a separate study reported that 66% of patients had specifically used Dank Vapes, a black-market manufacturer of ambiguous origin that purports to contain 90% THC.

October is Breast Health Awareness Month and this week my long read is all about Breast MRIs for cancer detection


Breast MRIs can be performed of one or both breasts. These studies always require the use of contrast, which is a dye that is administered through an intravenous injection. The cancers are well visualized because they “take up” the dye, therefore the cancer cells become more enhanced and visible for the radiologist to review.

The most common reasons physicians order a breast MRI include:

  • Screening for cancer in high risk patients who have a —
    • genetic predisposition
    • strong family history
    • history of breast carcinoma
    • history of Atypia demonstrated on biopsy
  • Resolve an indeterminate (unclear) mammogram finding or if you are high risk and negative MRI it shows what the mammogram doesn’t…Yikes!


  • Define the extent of the carcinoma prior to therapy
  • Evaluate breast implant integrity
  • Decision Support with AI helpful in recommendation of when to get MRI

Triple negative breast cancer

The biology of breast tumors varies by race and ethnicity.

Triple negative breast cancers are more common among Black/African-American women than among women of other ethnicities [267,272-274].

Triple negative breast cancers are:

But then again there is hope. What’s cool in Breast Cancer Treatment?     Veliparib (Still considered experimental, PARP inhibitor, can’t fix DNA, therefore the cancer can’t grow) in combination with chemotherapy significantly prolongs survival without disease progression in women with metastatic HER2-negative breast cancer with BRCA mutations, compared with women on chemotherapy alone, a Phase 3 trial shows.

           We have to Find a Cure, research and real world application will save lives! Navigate to Susan G. Komen to place a secure donation in memory of my mother Dale E. Baxter or a member of your own family.

S.L.A.P. YA’LL? (Sounds like a plan, yes stolen from Deon Cole’s Comedy Special)

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