TNFro Is Reading…Rewrite #NotMyFamily Continues, Next Up Making of WestwardFro, And My Side Eye Round Up Continues.

Welcome to another episode of#TNFro is Reading, Hi I’m your host Felicia Baxter. So what’s my intent in this episode.  I continue to uplift the race by celebrating Black Excellence as well as giving recognition to people that are just doing nationally cool things. Big ups to Queen Latifah,queen-latifah-web-dubois-medal-1571065371-768x432.jpg

Patricia Cameron founder of Black Packers Patricia_Cameron.jpeg

 and Simone Biles. Simon_BilesGermany-Gymnastics.jpg

 I plan on continuing to dissect The 2020 Democratic presidential candidates. Last night was  the fourth debate.Concerns about Elizabeth Warren as she gains in the polls. How the impeachment inquiry is going to affect them. What to do about this Biden paradox. And how the  Russians troll African Americans during the 2016 elections.

Side Eye and Cancellation Reboot Side_Eye.jpeg

This weeks side eye goes out to the continued general assault on our democracy. The ex cop Aaron Dean, Cuba Gooding Junior, Lebron James, and those three women and their Danby house fight club in NC.

Literature Roundup. What were all should be reading and highlights From the book club I plan on summarizing Self-portrait in Black and White-Unlearning Race by Thomas Chatterton Williams as well as My take on The Institute by Stephen King(I announced the New Segment called Over 40 and Unapologetically Nerdy), plan to start reading Ida: A Sword Among Lions by Paula Giddings and why Ida B Wells doesn’t get as much coverage as other early Civil Rights activist and why other Suffragists undermined her. I also have a short reading from Tanaheisi Coates The Water Dancer.

Chattabooks, My Read bookstore-slide-2MCD-superJumbo.jpg

     Last week I had way too much fun. Free writing and editing live my post on Vocal+ so I decided to repeat that during this episode with a re-ordering and rewrite of 3 chapters from Not My Family.

And finally My Affirmations:

My Daily Affirmation
I’m supposed to do better
I deserve to be successful
Because I will and have done the work.

Thank you for joining me for another episode of Tennessee fro is reading. And I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

S.L.A.P. YA’LL? (Sounds like a plan, yes stolen from Deon Cole’s Comedy Special)

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