TNFro Is Reading…Water Dancer, Where Are the Black Millenial Millionaires, and WestwardFro The Saga Continues

TNFro Is Reading Oct 21ish

In today’s segment we will begin with Black Excellence and National Cool Tributes to UN Women Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo Ngcuka, Will Smith, and Michael Jordan. With National Cool Kudos going out to Lenny Pozner and the Otter Network, Andrew Levy in the Kindness Begets Kindness. And where are all of the Black Millionaire Millennials?


We will also talk Invites and Disinvites to the BBQ with a dose of Side Eye.

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Starting by a continued reading from the Water Dancer, Respectful Obituaries, and Who is still on the NY Times Book Review Beast seller list.

I will continue with Chattabooks and My Read with edits of the next chapter of the Making of #WestwardFro and concluding with My Affirmations.

Also a note on podcast notes…every time I broadcast and research topics for my show, I learn. I realized that no one, not no, not no how(projecting the not so Cowardly Lion) has detailed show notes, no pictures or maps. So going forward I will save those details for my blog and Medium posts.


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