TNFro’s Medical Minute Discussing Removing the Stigma of Mental Illness, Breast Cancer Awareness, Biotechnology Alerts

In this week’s segment we will  start the conversation and remove the stigma discussing mental illness. Its ok to get therapy and be on medications. Sometime you need more than a  prayer and a poem. Don’t suffer in silence. 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

             Call 1-800-273-8255


We will also discuss News in Health Insurance, discuss Alerts in healthcare news, Update to the Legionnaire’s Outbreak at the NC State Fair. I will riff on I Love Lucy’s VitaMeataVegamin commercial in my Hannah’s Homeopathic Corner. Discuss the health benefits of a Cucumber and Jalapeno infused drink. We will discuss advances in Breast Cancer Therapy and additions to Biotech Stock List. As well as Meaningful Application of Technology in Healthcare with this week’s topic being Blockchain, Believe the hype. 

S.L.A.P. YA’LL? (Sounds like a plan, yes stolen from Deon Cole’s Comedy Special)

We have to Find a Cure, research and real world application of all this technology will save lives! Navigate to Susan G. Komen to place a secure donation in memory of my mother Dale E. Baxter or a member of your own family. 

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