TNFro Is Reading and Writing for NaNoWriMo, Water Dancer Finally, Booing POTUS, Lots of Side Eye

 I promised on a previous segment that my Podcast notes wouldn’t be so detailed but I couldn’t help it this week with it being the last day of Breast Cancer Awareness as well as Nov 1st starts the 50,000 word challenge for #NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month Navigate to the NaNoWriMo site for details and an entire 2019 Preparation Guide

In this week’s episode I will continue celebrating Black Excellence and  National Cool. And also continue with the Respectful Obituaries section to celebrate the homegoing of artists, icons, and entertainers. Highlighting the passing of John Conyers and one of the funniest humans on the planet, John Witherspoon. 

I will continue to discuss the Invites to BBQ, the 2020 Democratic Nominations for president is slimming down. 

Spoofing Lizzo’s Hit with my own rendition of That’s Dumb as Hell with my Side Eye and other Random -Ish comments on Eddie Murphy’s My Name is Dolemite, Kanye’s New Album and some of the residents of the much maligned state of Florida…I have no words

Literary Roundup Prince’s The Beautiful Ones CB234775-191F-4E6D-9EE9-4CFE1475E5CD-1529-000002BA953749B0.jpg

dropped on October 29th.

Chattabooks Reading still featuring Tanaheisi Coates Water Dancer. My Read is comprised of my 3rd installation of  The Making of WestwardFro for Vocal Media and Not My Family Rewrite just in time for the 50,000 word challenge for #NaNoWriMo.  


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S.L.A.P. YA’LL? (Sounds like a plan, yes stolen from Deon Cole’s Comedy Special)

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Featured this week is  Alibris with its Spooktacular savings displaying increasing increments of coupon savings Alibris_money_off.jpg


and Gaiam with an updated curated Jennifer Biel Line in additional to portable infusers


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