Why I am Rewriting Not My Family

This rewrite is important to me because I created something that I know I could improve I want this project to be worthy of the time a reader spends reading it.

The original was written more of a stream of consciousness.  I wrote each chapter when I had time and with no specific connection to the previous chapter or with no forethought of any of the subsequent chapters.   Each chapter simply represented a stream of emotions at that period of time.  Now that I have read and reread the original manuscript, I realize that the order of the chapters has to be sequenced differently. The content of each chapter has to be re-organized, information added to give the book clarity.  To give the story line better cohesion. I realize I should have done all of this during the editorial process before this book went to press, but I’m glad I have the opportunity to correct those wrongs now.

As I rewrite and edit Not My Family, I feel it screams for a sequel and the rewrite has allowed me to organize my thoughts and produce a synopsis for becoming Franny Purcell-The Sequel to Not My Family.  It also gives me ideas of the importance of voice recognition software because without it, I would not be able to complete this revision of the Original Not My Family. Also, this rewrite is just in time for the National Novel Writing Month challenge, 50,000 words in 30 days. 4 days in and I am over 8000 words in!

Please enjoy the new preface and first few chapters here. Let me know what you think reply directly to this post or drop me a line at tnfroisreading@gmail.com

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