TnFro is Reading A Song For You and The Making of Westwardfro and feelings on other Random -Ish

In this week’s episode we will celebrate Black Excellence and National cool. As part of that celebrating Black Excellence Everyday.

I am formerly of University of Florida Gainesville.  With the publication of my book, they have been very welcoming of my project and I plan on speaking there in the Spring of 2020. The college is not really known as a bastion of racial harmony. It’s known more for the heart of its player’s on the college gridiron and putting up numbers on the basketball court. An elite state school with talent from its strong and storied athletic programs, College of Law and my beginnings in the College of Medicine. I was on You Tube looking up the video of “Chump Jr” being dragged on the View last week and in the suggested video was that of the memorial ceremony for the first Black graduate of UF College of law, W. George Allen who passed November 7th. What then triggered further research was an invitation to the White Coat Ceremony at the UF College of Medicine and then my looking up who was the first Black graduate of that school, Reuben Brigety Sr, an OB in Jacksonville FL who delivered over 2000 babies in his long career. Whose son is now dean of GWU’s Elliott School.  The son’s life is fascinating in that he is a Former US Ambassador to the ‪@_AfricanUnion‪ and he called out Chump in 2017 for being a Nazi-right supremacist sympathizer after he reiterated his support for white supremacist protesters following the Charlottesville rally that left a counter protester dead. He went further and said he doesn’t write recommendation letters for people who wish to intern for America’s first openly Nazi-sympathizer president. Not mad at this brother, and he further exemplifies Black Excellence.


You will also hear me rant about my lazy co-worker(s) and the tears I shed at Myrtle Beach this past weekend as I stored and arranged for the winterization of my RV for the season.

Other Random -Ish Dudley Moore was kind of a douche in The Graduate but the last scene in which he barges in on the daughter’s wedding to rescue her from a marriage of certain convenience and boredom also rescuing himself while he fights off the rest of the wedding party with a cross from the altar. The movie ends as they make their big escape on a city bus with expressions of “What do we do now?” Queen and Slim will be a great movie if the trailer is any indication,, and  will discuss “Chump Jr.” getting ripped on the View, too funny and he seemed ummm…drunk.

BBQ Invites and the run up to the 2020 elections. Who’s out, Beto O’Rourke And Who Is In, Michael Bloomberg and Deval Patrick.

TNFro Medical Minute Added Back just shortened.

Literature Turn Up with Robyn Crawford’s Book, A Song For You her life with Whitney Houston. She actually is the narrator of the version on Audible. A Song For Your

My Read The Making of the Making of Westwardfro

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My affirmation for today, I can’t win them all. I am just hopeful like spirited folks will find my work and vibe with it. Humble the Poet, Unlearn

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