The 12 Podcasts of Christmas December 10

This episode deviates only from my previous posts because it will have a decidedly Christmas or Holiday theme. I will endeavor to post 12 episodes in the next 2 weeks in celebration of the holiday season!

In this episode I will celebrate Black Excellence by talking about James Wormsley Jones the first Black FBI Agent Dns-ePKW0AASK8U.jpg

high.jpg John Glover 2nd graduate, led FBI response to the Atlanta Child Murders ,  

images.jpg  and Hazel Scott Jazz Pianist

Respectful Obituaries Rest in Peace To Shelly Morrison, DC Fontana and Rene Auberjonois

DC Fontana-creator of Spock passed


2020 Invites to the BBQ, Kamala is Out, Jo Jo calling audience member a damn liar and challenging him to push ups, Michael Bloomberg is in Socially liberal fiscal moderate candidate—apologized for stop and frisked and promises to take out NRA and funding his own campaign, quintessential New Yorker

Side Eye-People are going to do stupid shit all the time but my focus of this episodes side eye is on the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association —recognizing excellence in film and television, both domestic and foreign for the Golden Globes. No women nominated for best director or writer? Really.

My comments on…What I’m Watching Butterfield 8, Queen And Slim, Golden Globe Slights, and other Random Ish

TNFro Medical Minute

             Answer my Advisory Cloud Questions: What new technologies or products have you found helpful in your area of expertise? How should               growing companies think about leveraging your area of expertise? And who is going to have to come up off the cash in the Commercial               insurance payer world. 

 Literary Round Up Robin Crawford’s Book A Song For You-My Opinion without spoiler, My Read Made In TN the edited version I just published on Medium So Not On Walden Pond

Concluding with a Reading of Twas’ A night Before Christmas.

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I hope you will enjoy this episode just as much as I have enjoyed creating it!

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