TNFro Medical Minute, October Breast Health Awareness, Watching Best Biotech Outperformance, Fighting Hep C

Thank you for joining me in another episode of TNFro Medical Minute.

This week’s episode is the first in this month’s series Breast Cancer Awareness.

   Please leave comments on this episode Breast Health checklist: 

  • Are you over 40 or what is your family history?
  • When was your last mammogram?


 I will also discuss the use of AI to predict the development of breast cancer in suspicious mammogram, at least that is what MIT thinks. MIT News AI usage to predict breast cancer.

Hepatitis C Elimination hepatitisC.jpg

With a review of the types of virus

Image result


Pathology of Hepatitis-A little Histology and Anatomy for Ya’ll

Necro-Inflammation Inflammatory Cells Bum Rush liver cells, secrete cytokines and other chemicals to break down or liquify the cells en masse. The body replaces it with essentially a scar. But not before possible oncologic transformation then BOOM the BIG C!


Image result for histology of hepatitis C infection



And the Advancement of Treatment available with cure a reality. The current treatments have advanced further than old school Ribivarin and TNF inhibitors current which are pretty nonspecific and full of side effects. Now, there are specific Hepatitis C antivirals that are specific and have a narrow profile of side effects they stop the spread of the disease. And in cool but only partially understood mechanism of action drugs like Harvoni, may keep the virus from copying itself and prevent the errors in replications that contribute to viral resistance. Best chance of cure is using medications like Epclusa which is a combination therapy itself,Sofosbuvir-velpatasvir , with Ribivarin. I am wondering if we have an algorithm to predict response base on genetic markers and several other factors… Now  that’s pretty baller!!

  • Biotechnology Financial Performance and Precision health growth Market-The start of October the markets seem to be taking a pounding with all the Biotech trading down but with a 1 year positive result. Cup and handle with a pending rally pending. 


  • Hannah’s Home Remedies.
    • Felicia Tonic-Ginger, Lemon, Apple Cider Vinegar, Cucumber, Jalapenos
    • Mention registering for PSATs and SATs and filling out FAFSA.
  • I haven’t forgotten and will include what is hot in tech news and but I will be updating everyone on
    • We will discuss what is going on in Vaping associated illnesses, the Sackler Family of Purdue Pharma Hiding Cash and evidence. 
    • Operation Double Helix-30 arrested in the 2.1 billion dollar scheme to defraud the government
    • What does the assault on the ACA and rolling back EPA protection mean for us.




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