My Name Is TNFro And I Ain’t Funky…Celebrating his Royal Purpleness Prince

The concept for this episode spawned from my receiving Prince’s book, The Beautiful Ones. Unlike the reviewer for the New York Times this book is not trite and can’t be read in 20 minutes. It is in his words his perception of life and his feelings about his own music. There were so many iterations of this artist and he was yet re-inventing himself again at the tragic end of his life. The book is autobiographical but still adds to the mystique that was the enigma we all knew as the artist Prince. So much music to listen to and so much more to learn about this artist can’t cover it all in 1 podcast. 


I created a playlist on iTunes, please leave comments on any Prince additions.

And also created  a collaborative list on Spotify as well.

This is the first in the series focusing on his Royal Purpleness and I focus on reading excerpts from the book and marrying it with snippets from his iconic work. I had way too much fun organizing and creating this episode!

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