TNFro is Reading…4th of 12 Podcasts of Christmas My Name is TNFro I Still Ain’t Funky

In this episode I continue to celebrate the holiday season and writing and reading about everything Prince.

Words to describe him, “tireless, driven, obsessed, manic.” seem well trite and inadequate.

His longtime Road Manager  said it best in his tribute to Prince published right after his death,

“But nobody was like Prince. Yes, the young Prince once practiced and dedicated himself to developing a skill set, but once his foundation was intact, the music, the ideas — both creative and promotional — flowed out of him like a raging river. There was no industry that was equipped to process and digest his ceaseless flow. Radio couldn’t keep up, record companies couldn’t market and promote fast enough, fans couldn’t re-focus fast enough. His songs were like a daily newspaper and he wanted them to be read while the news was fresh.“ By Alan Leeds

For the full tribute navigate to


Creation of the Love Symbol Strictly All Prince


My collection of prince’s music on Vinyl

     Not even touching the well of creativity this artist left behind. He was the 80s, Prince released Gold and Platinum Albums every year for almost a decade!

     -1978 Prince for You

     -1979 I wanna be you lover

     -1980 Dirty Mind

     -1981 Controversy

     -1982 1999, and 2 Maxi Singles on 12 inch Vinyl

     -1984 Purple Rain

     —Converted to Jehovah Witness—

     -2007 Planet Earth, 2019 Second Press

     -2016 Piano and Microphone Recording, 2018

I created a playlist on iTunes, please leave comments on any Prince additions.

And I am still celebrating Black excellence in Christmas music. Did you know Prince recorded 2 Christmas songs? Mary Don’t you weep and another lonely Christmas? Check out my Black Excellence Playlist with Price, Mariah, Luther, and Mahalia headlining.

Iconic Performance-Worst Rainstorm ever as he performed Purple Rain 2007 Halftime show

Dreams, Spirituality, Holiday Season

    His conversion to Jehovah Witness in 2001 was just so Prince. And couldn’t Michael Jackson make it work. I think he would  embrace the love of the season but not the commercialization.

The day he died a rainbow appeared over Paisley Park with lots of purple.


Although he moved from this limited life in that Paisley Park elevator, let’s take his advice, let’s not let that elevator bring us down…Let’s GO CRAZY celebrating life, love, and the joy of this season!

Affirmation of the Season

   Live small and simply to keep you humble, so you can always dream big. Love Always and Love Intensely. TNFro, The UnPoet


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