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Inside star cluster NGC 602, a star-forming region in the Small Magellanic Cloud, bright, blue, newly formed stars are blowing a cavity in this nebula.

The challenge is not only to think of things insigtful to say on my Podcast but also to write the full notes for the Podcast.

TNFro Is Reading…Side Eye Side Barbs, Getting Into the Rotation and Into the Ears feliciabaxter

It would help if I uploaded today's Podcast…Sheez. The Letters to the State Rep and the Russian COVID dilemma is on my Dales Angels Inc Blog, look around and check out merch read for immediate shipping! State Of TN Assembly and Kristin Sinema is on One… Putin Befuddled that
  1. TNFro Is Reading…Side Eye Side Barbs, Getting Into the Rotation and Into the Ears
  2. TNFro Is Reading…Adele is on repeat and the TN State Assembly is On One.
  3. TNFro Is Reading…Mercury is in Retrograde One More Day…
  4. TNFro Is Reading…Sipping Coffee,Watching, Listening to and generally fussing about….
  5. TNFro is Reading…And Podcasting and Chair Dancing to Nikki, Rick, Chole…GURRL What Ya Do Doing and What You Talking About

Some Days I wish I were smart enough to work for Apple, Google Labs or Definitely the Jet Propulsion Lab just to get first access to the images.

The image was acquired December 28, 2020, covers an area of 29.7 by 37.2 km, and is located at 19.4 degrees north, 155.3 degrees west. Image produced by ASTER. ASTER is one of five Earth-observing instruments launched Dec. 18, 1999, on Terra. The instrument was built by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. A joint U.S./Japan science team is responsible for validation and calibration of the instrument and data products.

Sunday It is What is for Dinner...Well in this case braised radish tops

Braised Radish tops and garlic with red pepper

with Mac and cheese and fried chicken from Champy’s and my braised short ribs.

Video Games–This is helpful, But really in Nerd Speak, analog sweeps, quick turning drift…what the?? To join his channel is $4.99, dude has 77k subscribers…

I am finally getting into Breathe of the Wild, and can’t play by just pushing buttons at random…I did figure out how to use my torch and club the crap out of the ogres. And yes, that is a United Federeation of Planets flag behind the TV…I told ya’ll I am a nerd.


ST Logs

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ST Ships of Star Trek

ST Discovery Recaps…Unification III Recap, Episode 7

After studying several black boxes, Burnham believes she can find the source of the Burn with data from Project SB-19, a possible space travel alternative to dilithium developed by the unified Vulcan and Romulan people on Ni’Var (formerly the planet Vulcan). They believe SB-19 caused the Burn and do not want to give the data to the Federation, who they have left. Vance believes Burnham can convince them otherwise since her brother Spock began the process of unifying the Vulcans and Romulans. At Ni’Var, Burnham invokes T’Kal-in-ket, a Vulcan trial intended to verify her scientific claim to the SB-19 data. She is represented by her mother Gabrielle, who was previously trapped in the future and has since joined the Qowat Milat, a sect of Romulan warrior nuns. Gabrielle makes Burnham confront her own intentions and sense of confusion about her destiny, leading to Burnham withdrawing from the trial. Impressed by this, Ni’Var President T’Rina gives Burnham the SB-19 data. Meanwhile, Saru names Tilly as his acting first officer.

Nerd Musings…The relationship with Burnham and Tilly, and with all other members of the crew is palpable.

Burnham Women, Mother Daughter

As far as complicated relationships go, this one is right up there.

Engineering Crew Discovery, Owosekun, Byrce, Detmer

The position of leadership and authority of women, Black people, brown people, and even Linus. Programmable matter rocks…even the most dysfunctional of relationships, Romulan and Vulcan, still can keep it moving.

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